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True Crime and Wine with John Matthews

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John Matthews, owner of Cassaro Winery is a law enforcement veteran, an award-winning writer and co-author of The Eyeball Killer, published by Pinnacle Books and Doubleday This True Crime Book of the Month is his first-hand account of the investigation and arrest of a notorious serial killer. For over two decades John has served as a law enforcement analyst for CNN and FOX News and he has been featured on shows including HBO Autopsy, Evil I, Very Bad Men, Born to Kill, Murder by the Numbers, Mark of a Killer and World’s Most Evil Killers. His book is currently being developed into a feature film called the Eyes of Jefferson and John is serving as Executive Producer.


True Crime & Wine

S1E1: The Eyeball Killer
Join John Matthews, owner of Cassaro Winery and 38-year law enforcement veteran for a behind-the-scenes look and firsthand account of his capture of Dallas’ most notorious serial killer the Eyeball Killer. Learn about Oak Cliff in the 1980’s and 90’s, the investigation, the arrest and the unusual evidence that brought down a serial killer and ended his reign of terror.

S1E2: A Cup of Murder
In this second episode of the series John presents A Cup of Murder, the true crime story of a serial killer who used wine to poison her victims before turning them into soap to sell in her shop. During the session audience members will have an opportunity to profile this killer as John offers up his personal police perspective on this nearly unsolvable murder mystery.

S1E3: Serial Killers 101
In this third installment of the Cassaro True Crime and Wine series, John levels the playing field for murderinos and true crime lovers as he illustrates serial killers trends and tendencies and then leads the audience through profiling a serial killer who hunted down his victims in Big Game hunting style in search for the ultimate trophy.

S2E1: Married Murderers
The latter quarter of the 20th century was the prime time for American serial killers and this murderous married couple wanted to get into the act. In a rare criminal spree that lasted two years these married murderers abducted and killed at least ten people in a multi-state killing rampage. Enjoy a glass of wine and profile the killers along with John Matthews as he presents this thrilling true crime case.

S2E2: Police Perspective: Life on the Beat – Join John for this special True Crime and Wine presentation of his own personal collection of stories from the street. This unique compilation of true crime tales will detail the heartbreak, happiness, trials and tribulations from his four decades in law enforcement.  Hear the inside story of murders and mayhem along with lighter tales of runaway horses, escaping a lion’s den and everything you ever wanted to know about prostitutes and policing.

S2E3:The Butcher of Rostov –  Convicted of 52 murders and accused of numerous more, this blitz-style serial killer preyed on children, runaways and vulnerable women.  Luring homeless women and prostitutes with promises of alcohol or money this sexually impotent killer would fly into a rage stabbing his victims dozens of times before ripping them like his famous Whitechapel predecessor. While police chased a satanic cult or group harvesting organs for sale this killer kept them confused for a dozen years before a manhunt brought his reign of terror to an end.

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