True Crime and Wine

Cassaro Winery and Vineyard is hosting “True Crime and Wine”, a tasting series for wine-loving murderinos.

Winery Owner and True Crime and Wine Host, John Matthews, believes ‘The only thing as passionate as a wine aficionado could be a true crime lover’. John has found a way to share his inimitable background and passions by combining Cassaro’s vintages with in-depth explorations and interactive profiling of notorious crimes.

Cassaro’s True Crime and Wine nights are a unique winery experience that pairs two of America’s passions, award-winning wine, and true crime as guests have an opportunity to walk with John as he profiles serial killers and discusses the nexus between wine and crime. Blending two unique careers, this series was inspired by Cassaro’s founder John Matthews’ experience with serial killers and mass shooters over a nearly four-decade career in law enforcement.

S1E1: The Eyeball Killer – John’s first-hand account of the terrifying crime spree of Dallas’ Charles Albright, a seemingly charming and devoted husband, teacher, and coach that killed and mutilated several prostitutes, cutting out their eyes for grisly trophies.

S1E2: A Cup of Murder – Explore the world of a serial killer who used wine as a weapon to murder her victims before making soap with their remains.

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