The story of

Cassaro Vineyards

Started with just ten vines, Cassaro Vineyards has expanded each year since 2015. Now with nearly 2,000 vines planted on three acres in Ovilla, Texas, the vineyard features Sangiovese, Tempranillo, and Albarino grapes.

Fully irrigated and built on a single trellis system, the vineyard also contains a row of table grapes which family members love to snack on during the harvest. A small section also grows picture-perfect Champanel grapes, which are made into delicious jellies.

3 acres
Soil type
Medium soils
Sangiovese, Tempranillo, and Albarino
Fully irrigated, single trellis system

Cassaro Vineyards

The Location


Located just outside Ovilla in the northern portion of Ellis County, Texas, Cassaro Vineyards grows both red and white grapes for wine production. Although this area of Texas is not traditionally known for grape growing, varieties such as Albarino and Tempranillo grow extremely well in this hot and often dry climate.

Our address

704 West Main Street, Ovilla, Texas 75154